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Tree Trimming

F & H can enhance the aesthetic value of your property by trimming or pruning your trees, bushes, fruit trees, and hedges. Limbs or foliage hanging over your house or wires can also be removed or cut back to protect your roof and utility lines. More simply, our services are also used to allow more light into the yard. Our specialists are trained to evaluate the condition of your trees and determine the type of pruning required. F & H will balance your goals with the longterm health and safety of your trees.

Tree Removal

When disaster strikes, F & H will be there to remove trees from your house or clean up from storm damage. Because the entire process begins with a conversation rather than an explanation, there won’t be any surprise charges: we do not believe in gouging customers simply because they are in a bind. We want you to be happy and build a relationship. Our hope is that you’ll call back should the need of other services ever arise.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is important for the health and beauty of your yard. However, the costs associated with it are often exorbitant. At F & H, we believe in giving you the most for your money. We begin by assessing your property and determining what type of grinder is needed. Our specialist account for septic fields, sprinkler systems, and underground wires near the stump and select a grinder accordingly. When it’s all said and done, the specialists at F & H will leave your property looking vibrant with comprehensive clean up. We hope you’ll feel good too once you see all the money you saved by hiring F & H.

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